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Connecting People with Jesus Christ

Our Vision. . . .
A worshiping congregation
Centered and growing in Christ
Reaching out to change lives
    and transform the Stockton community 
    through care, service and witness

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“Journey to the Cross” – Interactive Easter Experience – April 12, 2019

Church and community gathered in the south hall where shepherd Ali Ben Adoni (Pastor Jim) welcomed them to a tour of old Jerusalem, beginning with the manger, the temple where young Jesus and his parents spoke of “being about the Father’s business” and then to the bustling Jerusalem Marketplace on Palm Sunday. In various settings around the church we saw Mary Magdalene wash the feet of Jesus (Mitch Ross), saw and heard Jesus and his disciples at the last supper and in the garden of Gethsemane. Then we gathered in the sanctuary where Ali Ben Adoni invited us to gaze upon the empty cross and the empty tomb. Children enjoyed spending their bag of “ten gold coins” in the marketplace where they bought baskets, musical instruments, oils, fruits, spices, jewels and more. We experienced Easter!